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Common Issue with the DIS

coupe-se Feb 6, 2007

  1. coupe-se

    coupe-se Member

    One of my 1st posts on this forum was regarding whether S-Lines have a low-level washer fluid warning light.

    The handbook says yes it does, a good few of you said that your car had that feature.

    My car went in today and it seems mine is one of 4 that the Peterborough dealer has had to sort recently with the identical fault.

    The fault is that the factory are not 'switching on' a certain part of the DIS system that monitors amongst other things the washer fluid sensor. It seems the washer fluid warning light not working is the bit that the owner actually notices and reports to the dealer.

    Makes me wonder how widespread an issue this is if Peterborough have now dealt with 4? One guy in the service department when I 1st reported it said his S-line didn't have an indicator and that mine shouldn't have one ........... his was obviously faulty as well!!!

    Might be worth you chaps checking out that your DIS in its entirety is actually switched on and working.
  2. southpaw66

    southpaw66 Member

    Anyway of knowing if something is missing? Do we need to create list of features. I know 2007MY has more features so we have to discriminate between MY.

    I definitely have low washer fluid warning - it's animated which was a surprise.
  3. coupe-se

    coupe-se Member

    My car was manufactured in June 06.

    I did ask how I was to know if any other warning light was accidentaly not turned on. I was told that it was a specific section of the DIS that wasn't switched on.

    We need someone experienced with the VAG.COM to explain the inner workings and sections of the DIS in detail.
  4. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    I've got the opposite problem, my washer bottle is leaking so it empties itself from full in about a day so I'm driving around with the low washer fluid warning on constantly! Going in on Friday to have it fixed - at least I know the warning works :)
  5. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    Yep - Mine came on yesterday for the first time since I bought the car. It was serviced in May and hasn't been filled since!

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