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Coming home lights-2009 Facelift S3 with DRL's & NO Auto lights

keendean Mar 16, 2014

  1. keendean

    keendean Member

    Well, I followed the coding within the FAQ, but can only assume this is for a pre facelift?

    When the DRL's were on, the Xenons were on at the same time, put the coding back, all back to as was.
    Do I need the repair wire?

    Has only got the coming home lights working with DRL's?

    Are you also able to have the sidelights as DRL's not reduced in brightness? Answer below I think to this question

    We also , changed the coding within the convenience menu, we enabled sunroof/windows by remote, but it does not work?

    Coding on my previous Golf was easy, and it worked.

    I also wanted the rear lights on with the DRL's, I'm guessing this is possible?

    Is there a definitive guide to coding?
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
  2. Schlaag

    Schlaag Bwah

    Bump.. would the repair wire be needed for a 2011 car?? or just activation in vagcom?
  3. Sayam

    Sayam Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    You'd need the full auto-lights and wipers pack fitted
  4. A16X

    A16X New Member

    My 09/58 did this, there's 2 options for each coming home/ welcome lights, if you enable all then the xenons were always on with drl, unticked 1 of them for each and it works properly now
    There is also an option to either set drls as UK spec with no rear lights or like Netherlands spec I think it was which has tail lights on too
  5. Craig-P

    Craig-P Active Member

    My S3 has auto lights with DRL's/Xenons lights, So is it just a case on changing some settings with Vagcom or do I need to run extra wire/s..?

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