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Coming Back Into The Fold

JezyG Mar 2, 2009

  1. JezyG

    JezyG New Member

    We are just about to order a A3 1.9TDie Sport in Silver wiith Cruise got a good deal much better than we could get on a 1 Series and after 3 1 Series wanted a change. Owned an 04 plate 1.6 Special Edition a few years back nice car just found the engine a bit weedy. Dynamicaly the 1 Series is a bit better but Audi is better built. Currently have a FL 118d SE Dynamic:


    Anyway pretty impressed with TDie needs more omph but easil sorted with a tunning box, engine not as smooth as BM or newer common rail VAG unit. Anyone already own a 1.9TDie and have thoughts opinions general, relaiability,mpg? Anyone added a tunning box?


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