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COM port config

CaseyJay Jun 3, 2008

  1. CaseyJay

    CaseyJay New Member

    I've read plenty a post to know that configuration of com ports is a major barrier to getting KKL cables working - I've used the drivers supplied, downloaded ones, even ones Vista finds on the net and then checked the manual configuration to ensure the com port is 1-4.

    When I use any software and match up the ports, it never detects the port assigned - eg. I'll assign cable to COM2 and VAG-COM will detect it on COM4 - but when I connect to car, I get the LED on the cable but no way will it detect any controllers.

    Tried VWTool also, same issues.

    I've strangely enough got a 1996MY car with the old K/L 2x2 lines when I understood most would have the 16pin adapter - I'm not sure right now if it's the car, the cable or my laptop that's at fault. I appreciate I only have an ebay KKL cable with usb/serial enumerator so fault could lie there - any other way to test?


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