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Colour Coding

dreddg Nov 10, 2006

  1. dreddg

    dreddg Member

    HI all

    Just wondering, how easy is it to colour code all the grey/black bits on my A6? As I have seen some peoples bumpers and trim start to crack and peel off, any advice much appreciated.

  2. Peloton

    Peloton Member

    I'm no expert but I'd say put a few coats of putty primer on before the base coat/colour. That gets rid of the dimply effect some plastic trim has and also gives the paint a better surface to stick to. Give a day between each coat then lightly sand with 640 or 800 grit wet & dry sandpaper (you'll get this from Halfords). Then a few coats of your base colour and then a few of your finishing colour. Better more thin coats than fewer thick coats, hence the cracking, I think. Each coat should be given at least a day to dry, preferebly not too cold an environment either. Then put on a few coats of laquer and sand using fine (1200 & then 1500 grit) wet & dry sandpaper. Always keep the sandpaper wet, it gives a better finish.
    I've painted a few computer cases using this method except there was a helluva lot more coats/sanding as I wanted an almost mirror finish.

    If anyone knows any better feel free to inform, like I said I'm going to do mine soon too.
  3. VennyQuattro

    VennyQuattro Member

    You can get good colour match paint from Halfords, the spray tin costs about £10, but they use the colour code of your car and I can vouch for it being a very good match (used on 2 previous cars).
    Great for bumber touch ups, using the advice above :)
  4. Tanuki

    Tanuki Tanuki

    I assume the paint needs to be flexible for the plastic bits....someone called it "flexipaint" if I recall correctly

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