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colour coded rear bumper

syski999 Jan 27, 2013

  1. syski999

    syski999 Member

    Hi got a merlin purple a3 1.8t and damaged the back bumper on a fence! having it resprayed and the bottom section smoothed out and colour coded for £200 is this a good price?
  2. Filth

    Filth Member

    Ive not had much experience with body shops myself but have recently been gettings quotes to fix a dent from previous owner (rear wheel arch requiring half the panel resprayed) and the prices have varied from 250-400. £200 to me would sound reasonable for the work you outlayed especially seen as how most body shops aren't struggling for work at the moment after all this snow we've had.

    I called at a shop Yesterday and I was the fourth car in a row to turn up followed by another two after me, the guy said its gone manic now the snow has cleared.

    If you're unsure I would ask a couple other body shops unless you know the current one has good reputation.

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