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Color codes for interior, light pack retrofit?

jsosic Feb 14, 2012

  1. jsosic

    jsosic Member

    I would like to drop the ashtray and put in the replacement part, which is part number: 8P0 863 301 A
    Now, about color codes, it offers me 3 color codes:
    4PK - soul black
    6G6 - indigo blue
    J50 - light grey

    offcourse I can't make a mistake here - I need 4PK soul black. So final code for this part number is:

    8P0 863 301A 4PK

    But now here are the problems. I'm doing whole door interior lights retrofit, so I would like to change the door handles too. I need the ones with the LED's already in place. Part numbers are:
    8P3 837 019A
    8P3 837 020A

    But available color codes are:
    4PK - soul black
    7A2 - indigo blue
    7PE - soul black

    Now I found information that I need 7PE here... OK but why not 4PK too like in the case of ashtray replacement part?

    Also, are these part numbers correct:
    8P3 837 019A 7PE
    8P3 837 020A 7PE

    do I really get whole door handle with integrated light, or do I need to order the light separately?
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  2. Helifella

    Helifella Co-Driver ~ Hattie Staff Member Moderator Regional Rep VCDS Map User

    Is it really worth it? I have it on my car but unless the dash dials are set to their brightest setting on the scroll wheel next to the lightswitch the red ambient lighting doesn't show up that well. If you don't mind being partially blinded by the dials (mine are the white ones) at night then they look a really neat touch of class.

    I'd love to find a way to code them so that the ambient lighting stays bright all the time and only the dash lighting (dials, radio & climate) dims when required.

    I'd suggest seeing a car with them fitted at night before you take the plunge.
  3. jsosic

    jsosic Member

    Well, I'm holding dial at approx 80% :) Is it maybe possible to swap the led for some brighter one?

    Anyway now when I decided to retrofit door warning and puddle lights, I'm going to retrofit handle LED too, and BOSE nets.

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