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Collection of a BRAND NEW Audi A3 8V!

sanghera Oct 31, 2013

  1. sanghera

    sanghera Member

    I have collected many new cars in the past including BMW's and Mercedes's. I would just like to ask if Audi do anything different? I've seen pictures of them covering up their cars under sheets giving customers the WOW factor when revealing their new car to them. If so has anyone else experienced this?

  2. paullowther

    paullowther Well-Known Member

    I think it depends almost entirely on the dealer and your contact at that dealer.

    People's experiences have varied wildly and it doesn't appear as if Audi themselves have a set standard or handover procedure for dealers to adhere to.

    Just a few days ago 2 lads on this forum received their new £35k+ S3's... one of them got the full undercover treatment and one of them, quite shockingly, had his car handed to him in a dark rainy car park. Shocking if you ask me.

    That said at the end of the day you don't buy an Audi for the handover, you buy it for the car, even so I'd expect the dealer to make some sort of effort seeing as it's a prestige brand.
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  3. sanghera

    sanghera Member

    I've ordered my car from Guilford Audi. All I hope for is that my car doesn't get handed over to me in a cold car park and is free from scratches or dents.
  4. GNJ_Motorsport

    GNJ_Motorsport Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    I'm going to call my dealer ahead of collection and make sure I don't get any of that rubbish, I'd die of embarrassment! Give me they keys I just want to drive the thing!
  5. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon

    Hi, I would have thought that any purchaser of such an expensive item would be able to insist upon when they would like to pick the car up. Thus if the dealership stated it would be at night time and not indoors the appointment could be re-arranged...
  6. faisal_16

    faisal_16 Member

    Who did you deal with at Guildford? I also got mine there and the car was in a handover room where I was free to look round it and was shown the main controls. It was a very good experience but as others have said, it will vary from one dealer to the next and on who your salesman is
  7. cemerson

    cemerson Well-Known Member Team Cosmos quattro Audi A3 S-line owners group TDi DSG

    I can understand not having the under cover treatment for everyone, but would never take delivery in the dark - you need a chance to inspect the car for scratches, defects etc on handover. Make sure it's in daylight hours if they insist on handing over outside, or insist on being able to look at it inside otherwise!
  8. SilureMark

    SilureMark Active Member

    The TT RS I took delivery of a couple of years back was under cover when I collected it - with "SOLD TO MR ..." printed on a piece of A4 sitting on the dash. It was spotless inside and out, plus they gave me a heavy duty boot liner for free (I didn't even ask for it). Aside from that, I don't really expect a big fan fare to take place. I just expect the car to be immaculate, under cover and have a full tank of fuel. Putting hampers, flowers, bottles of wine, etc in the car for you... load of nonsense IMO. It's just a car you're collecting after all. Even when I took delivery of my new Cayman S it was all fairly sombre stuff, professional, but no fanfare... even though I was taking delivery of a £60k car.
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  9. TFSI

    TFSI Born to Fish

    Parked spotlessly in their handover room where we went through all the fine details of the car with coffee with the 4 rings on top in chocolate, a full tank of fuel and a new Audi umbrella thrown in for good measure. Good old Macc.
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  10. eastwood1875

    eastwood1875 New Member

    Will let you know on Tuesday night :)
  11. dieseldoug

    dieseldoug Member

    My 3 Audi's all collected inside the show room salesman goes through everything also sets up everything for you.
  12. StefRobinson

    StefRobinson Active Member

    Mine was delivered inside the showroom in a special handover room. I watched the car come up in a special lift from the underground compound. The dealer then went through everything with me and setup everything I wanted.

    They also gave me some rubber mats for free, and gave me both the blue and red AMI cables free as I wasn't sure which I would need.

    The car was perfect, no defects or marks on it at all. I was very happy. This was Sheffield Audi btw :)
  13. sanghera

    sanghera Member

    Nice one let me know how it goes

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