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Collecting S3 tomorrow

Leegaryhall Apr 30, 2014

  1. Leegaryhall

    Leegaryhall Active Member

    Estoril Blue 3dr Hatchback S3 now at my dealers. Picking up tomorrow after work.....can't wait!

    Gonna be sad trading in my TT Sline Tdi, had it stage 1 remapped to about 205bhp and it goes well.
    Think it has been trying to tell me something as it has been returning over 60mpg according to the DIS over this last week on my commute to and from work !!
    Washed it yesterday and it still looks stunning in Scuba blue

    Anyhows, will totally forget once I get behind the wheel of the S3!

    Any advice / comments on what to expect and check for when collecting my first ever brand new car?
  2. Woody86

    Woody86 Active Member

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  3. Blu-iTT

    Blu-iTT Member

    I had a huge check list prepared when I went to pick up mine recently (A3 not S3) - but that went straight out of the window when I saw my new set of wheels. Just take your time giving it the once over and enjoy your day. :kissmyrings:
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  4. J6YAK

    J6YAK Team Dark Red Mica

    Just enjoy the process mate, but please try not to be in a rush to get it on the road and go over it with a fine tooth comb, make sure it's spec is what you ordered and don't be scared to mention any defects ( god forbid there are any!!) as this is the time to get them noted.

    Hope you get a nice sunny day to make that Estoril pop!!

    I actually traded my 2013 TT TDi which was putting out about 210bhp for my S3 and at first the S3 didn't feel quick as its power delivery is so smooth but take a look at the speedo and you'll soon realise it is quick!! Since then its just got better and better!!

    Guess who's not sleeping tonight?

    Oh yeh one more thing.......................your gona love it!!!
  5. TheFiftheElement

    TheFiftheElement Well-Known Member

    Yep, if possible always take a picture of your outgoing car next to your new car ... sort of a hello/goodbye hehe ..

    It helps me when I look back remind me why I changed car, again :blush:
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  6. 81llyh

    81llyh Well-Known Member Team Navarra Team Glacier Team V6 Team Sepang Audi RS3 Audi S4

    Enjoy the pickup today!
  7. 0B1001001

    0B1001001 Well-Known Member Team Monsoon Audi S3

    Enjoy, hope all goes well!
  8. illingworth22

    illingworth22 Active Member TeamMisano Audi S3 Audi A3

    Enjoy the collection today. I went from a TT TDi to a TTS :) and now an S3. The S3 feels a lot slower but as one of the previous posters says "keep an eye on that speedo"

    I am in Love with my S3 even more so than the TTS which was an awesome car!
  9. Leegaryhall

    Leegaryhall Active Member

    Well picked up the S3 and it's has been ******* down with rain all bloody day!! Typical

    Car looked stunning when they unveiled it.
    Estoril Blue
    Black styling Pack
    Privacy Glass
    B&O sound system
    Tech pack with connect

    Not got many pictures cause it's been raining all day and car is now dirty :-(

    Took the missus out in it whe I got home and scared the **** out of her in sport mode..ha ha
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  10. Ecosphere

    Ecosphere Member

    Enjoy, recall regular use of sport mode on first day.

    Just in case you've not spotted ( like me) handbook does suggest you shouldn't go much above 4000 revs for first 1000 miles. Limited excesses should be no problem. Personally I found using drive for most of those 1000 miles meant car changes up by around 4500 revs and it's still crazy fast and lovely sounds.

    Watch the alloys near kerbs and blue lights in the rear view mirror !
  11. Kempysue

    Kempysue Active Member

    Whatever you do please check your air conditioning unit because I drove mine home from AUDI COVENTRY and it didn't work when I tried it. I thought I was doing something wrong cos how can the Aircon on a brand new car not work?!? I then went away on holiday for 3 weeks and forgot about it. Came back then the next time I tried it of course it didn't work. Booked it in to my local branch in Plymouth and they said it had a hole in the compressor!!! £783 to fix!!!!

    Audi coventry Listers basically refused to believe me and said they were unwilling to help in any way because I didn't let them know at the time and despite me explaining the circumstances they have refused any kind of help or goodwill gesture!!!

    So whatever you do please check your Aircon because I'm pretty sure mine was delivered with a hole in it.

    So now I'm significantly out of pocket and very upset.

    Thanks for nothing AUDI COVENTRY.
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  12. bobinder

    bobinder Active Member

    I've never liked Audi Coventry, went there for a couple of test drives and each time the sales people there look down at you as if you are not worthy of an Audi. Really arrogant and rude staff.
  13. Kempysue

    Kempysue Active Member

    Wish I'd known that before I ordered a car off them :-(
    Now £800 out of pocket :-(
  14. vegnomeat

    vegnomeat Member

    Speak to Audi direct. The a/c compressor is in a vulnerable position and is a known fault. People on here have had free repairs for the same problem that you encountered.

    Good luck
  15. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Isn't there a Sales of good act, where something has to be fit for purpose, and a faulty air con unit on a brand new car would prompt me to reject the car via Audi UK complaints dept.
  16. Kempysue

    Kempysue Active Member

    They used the analogy that I could get a puncture and it would be my responsibility - same as a stone through the condenser. So I could spend £800 to get it repaired and then it could happen again next week. I can't believe they didn't even offer free labour as some gesture towards the costs. At £140 an hour I'm gutted
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  17. Pulp84

    Pulp84 Well-Known Member Audi S3

    Sort of understand your local dealer being difficult about this, but not where you bought the car from.

    I would complain to Audi CS. I've got stuff sorted on warranty by kicking off to Audi CS and saying I won't buy another. Magically the dealer soon changes their stance.

    Good luck with it.
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  18. Mostly Grouchy

    Mostly Grouchy New Member

  19. Kempysue

    Kempysue Active Member

    Really!? Well it's definitely worth an email. Thanks guys x

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