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Collected New Car - Missing Option

alexkoon Mar 5, 2005

  1. alexkoon

    alexkoon Member

    Picked up 'my' new Avus Silver Sportback today with my brothers TDI Sportback.

    We were meant to anyway, but didn't manage to. My brothers had some cracked paint on lower rear bumper - must admit I didn't see it but they told us. Arranged a courtesy car while they sorted out a new bumper. So he gets a courtesy car for a few days to play with (same SB TDI).

    Mine was a lot worse at first - ordered various options including the dimming mirror with light and rain sensor. When on handover I noticed the mirror was the normal one! Thought bugger! Long and short of it after they read through options on original order etc, they realised they made a mistake - I told them it was one option I was unwilling to do without. Spoke to the Sales Manager and the Business Manager and sorted it out. They gave me the 'wrong' car to drive and will order my original one at no cost to me!

    So all in all a happy ending from my point of view. Understand mistakes can be made and was happy they rectified it in a suitable manner. Guess they should though as its going to be the 6th Audi from them after the correct one goes through.

    So must say thank you to Bexley Audi (Whitehouse group) for sorting it all out.

    Also had a quick spin in an S6 - 450 horses - its damn quick - gent who took me out suggested I floor it and redlined it in second! Just before I was handed the keys , the manager suggested I 'give it some welly' in the S6 (it was his company car).

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