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Cold start problem on A4 Diesel

Prism Jan 13, 2014

  1. Prism

    Prism New Member


    New to the site, but found it very useful, so thought i can get some feedback on here.

    I recently got a 13 plate A4 Avant, 2.0 Diesel S-Line (unmodified). It drove fine until i took it to europe, where temperatures were much colder. When in around 1 or 2 C the car shaked/jerked a little soon after cold start, while going at low speeds, noticeable up to 50 mph. The problem disappeared once the car has warmed up. After getting back to England this didn't happen again, due to the relative warm weather I suppose.

    I took it back to the Audi dealer where I bought the car from and got them to have a look. But they said that they couldn't find anything wrong with it, and as the temperature is fairly warm, they can't really test it. They mentioned that they reset a few things (didn't go into specifics) and that I should just drive it and see how it goes.

    Does this sound like a problem that anyone has come across before? I read it could be the glow plug or even the tires, but anyway if they couldn't find a fault there's not a lot I could do. I'll see if the reset will help when it gets colder again, but not totally convinced.

    Thanks for reading.

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