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Cold Air Feed

StumpieT Mar 11, 2014

  1. StumpieT

    StumpieT New Member

    Hi I've replaced stock air box and filter for a Revolution intake setup. I have had a decoke done with the inlet manifold being ported and polished n gas flowed. Placed back on engine with 10mm heat insulating spacers. Flaps removed and second air deletion and many hours on dyno. Putting Miltek 200 cell sport cats and black tipped + valves system with centre resonators.

    I have a Lobe clutch and flywheel on order, and larger 19 row oil cooler to fit when I take bumper off. I need to remove the auxiliary radiator o/s or the right if viewed from behind. Anyone done this? What's the process? Is there anything to watch out for? What additional bits/parts are needed?

    I will reveal the dyno results after these last few changes are made.
  2. StumpieT

    StumpieT New Member

    Removed auxiliary rad :arco:! Although time consuming not that difficult really, I drove the front end onto 12" ramps giving me access under the front end. Removed the engine under tray, bumper, revolution induction kit o/s head light unit. Small break (coffee n biscuits) followed by intense thinking and head scratching! What water pip goes were. I ended up separating coolest pip from main radiator where it joins at the top of the aux radiator. Located between both engine and aux rad you'll find 5 coolant pipe inter linked. Split the pip coming from the engine, locate and fasten hose from main radiator to house from engine.
    Remove brackets, fixings then lower the aux rad down nd out. As my second air has been removed / written out of ecu program I also decided to remove the pump, air box valve actuator and it's mounting bracket nd pipes. Sealing the vacuum pip as i have exhaust valves. Reinstall frame work/ brackets form aux rad, I fabricated 3 brackets to hold the scoop/ guide Chanel in place as they are part of aux rad housing.
    A quick visit to B&Q to purchase a 90 & 45 degree black sewage bends, join them together and secured it in place. Where the second air pump had previously occupied. Reinstate head light, bumper, revolution piper cross induction kit, engine under tray. Fill the screen wash back up.
    The coolant temperature stays at 90 degrees, ambient air temperature is now 15 to 30 deg not 50 to 85 deg. Air inlet temp not rising above 25, previously hovering 60/70 deg C. And yes the motor feels and sounds and keeps pulling through every gear to 8250 rpm

    Oil cooler next! Looking at a mishimoto 19 row or 25 row oil cooler or even a twin 19 row setup!

    Has anyone done an after market upgrade? Any suggestion or info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    Try looking at the B7 RS4 forum on rs246.com for info on the Forge oil cooler upgrade.

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