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Coilovers rising!!!

grizza1978 Sep 25, 2013

  1. grizza1978

    grizza1978 New Member

    I'm after a little bit of help,

    I posted a few weeks ago regarding my coilovers knocking, I've now got that sorted. it was down to loose bolts on the top mount

    Now I've got a whole new issue, i took the car on a 150 mile trip the other day once i arrived at the destination the coilovers had settled down nicely and the car was sitting great.

    on the trip back and once i had got home and taken out the luggage i noticed that the front had raised?!?!?

    baffled by this the next day i took the wheel off and inspected the coilovers, i didn't notice anything suspect and measured both front arches down to the top of the rim and it seems that they both fronts have risen.

    Has anybody come across this before?

    its a 2004 1.6 fitted with JOM coilovers

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