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Coilovers and bushes

Discussion in 'A4/A4 cabriolet/S4 forum(B6 chassis)' started by Gavlar, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Gavlar

    Gavlar Member

    Sep 28, 2010
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    Right been looking heavily into this and I have found the coilovers I am goin for and have also been looking into changing all the bushes at the same time. Is this worth my while?

    If you go on venom motorsport they do the powerflex bushes kits for the b6 but is there anymore I need to get for this?

    Plus is there any for the rear I should be looking for?
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  3. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor
    Site Sponsor

    Jun 10, 2006
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    Depending on the mileage and condition of your bushes they are worth while changing while doing the suspension.

    Give us a shout if you'd like any prices and I'm sure we'll be able to do something for you.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
  4. CHRIS555

    CHRIS555 DOPE with added OCD

    Jul 4, 2010
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    Hi Damian, hope your well mate - I'm fitting coilovers soon, could you price me up the relevant bushes for my car as I think I will change mine too and PM me the details please - my car is a 2004 B6 Convertible 1.8T Sport Quattro

    Cheers, Chris

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