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Coilover problems, help needed asap!

mcglynn Oct 23, 2011

  1. mcglynn

    mcglynn New Member

    hey guys,

    was fitting coiolvers on the mates car (a3 8l 1.9 tdi) and it was all fine & dandy on passneger side, but the strut would not for the life of me move on the drivers side, its not siezed cause the hub will move up and down until a certain point and no amount of wd40 or hammering could get it out.

    its almost like something else is restricting the hub from coming down far enough to let the strut out, does the subframe need to be removed or anything, and is it a really hard job on axle stands? Thanks, any help appreciated!
  2. s3schofield

    s3schofield Member

    Compress the spring or remove the calliper bottom ball joint and driveshaft to get hub lower

    BENJAMIN Active Member

    Compress the spring with clamps and hit the strut upwards.
  4. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    it's the driveshaft mate! Classic problem.

    the pax side shaft is small, there there's enough play for it to drop down far enough to let the strut seperate from the hub.

    On the drivers side, the shaft is longer and thicker, and as you try and bash the hub down, the driveshaft sits on the subframe and it will go no more!

    Undo the lower ball joint, and move the hub forwards, then try again and it'll work easily :)

    Simples. but it catches a lot of people out!

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