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Coilover Install

czm May 31, 2013

  1. czm

    czm Member

    I have a bit of a dilemma.

    I have got my hands on a set of TEIN Super Street coilovers for my A4 2004 1.8T but I am thinking about the rear installation(ooo errrr :))
    Looking at the instructions it shows the rear adjusters to be fitted to the bottom of the spring, now as we all now to adjust the perch when it is in the OEM swing arm is a royal PITA.

    I have seen the a4mods Stasis DIY when he suggests fitting it to the top to make life a lot easier – and it looks fairly easy to do.
    Really happy to do it that way but my only concern is the safety aspect.

    Just thought I would see what peoples thoughts are and what they have done with their coilovers.
  2. Ollie-B

    Ollie-B Rockin' Shnit

    I fitted mine to the bottom but wish to fkuckkkk i fitted them to the top cos its too low and i cant adjust it
  3. Andie0

    Andie0 Member

    I also fitted them the gay way Nd mine is also too low... I just cant be assed getting em all off again to do it! Maybe one day
  4. Az

    Az Hard slammed!

    Fit them at the top mate! I had my KW's fitted by JKM (Vag specialists) and the technitian who fitted them actually told me once he had done it that he fitted the adjuster collar at the top to make life easier for me if I ever wanted or needed to adjust the height. They were fitted in September 2010 with no safety issues at all. I actually adjusted the height slightly the other week and was damn happy that the technitian fitted the collars at the top that's for sure!
  5. deano1978

    deano1978 different gear

    Mine are installed at the top too. Deff do on top!
    Not the greatest of room to adjust but do-able.
  6. tweed

    tweed New Member

    Im looking to buy coilovers for my avant.
    Hiw hard is it to fit the adjuster to the top?
    Also looking at the cheap £200 range but wont be low as I want 18" wheels and put my kart on the roof once a month.
    But how harsh are the cheap ones? Keeping in mind I will only lower it 20/30 mm
  7. Az

    Az Hard slammed!

    if that's all your going to lower it by then I wouldn't bother with coilovers. The cheap coilovers won't last as build quality isn't up to it, and generally the cheap coilovers can have a harsh or bouncy ride. I'd look at a set of decent lowering springs such as Eibach, H&R, or Tein, you'll be able to get some for that sort of price range. (This is all obviously as long as your standard shocks aren't knackered)

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