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Coilover Fitting

czm Jul 17, 2013

  1. czm

    czm Member

    I have had a brand new set of TEIN Pro Street Coilovers sitting in my garage for over a month now and still not fitted.

    I tried when I first bought them and got stuck on the first pinch bolt I tried..grrrrr
    Long story short I had to take it to my local garage to get the bolt out and left £200 lighter for the priviledge!!!!

    Anyway just wondering if anybody knows who in my area (Bury St edmunds, Suffolk) could fit them for me at a good rate ( I am happy to help as well)

    I have tried a few local garages but they either say '''errr what are coilovers" or " Phhhheeewwww (while sucking in air through clenched teeth)......thats a big job and it will cost ya around £300 + VAT" - which strikes me as being a lot for the job.
  2. deano1978

    deano1978 different gear

    Just keep phoning and checking.
    Phoned a local audi specialist (not dealer) and was told around £600 !!!!! Yeh ok.
    Found another local firm. £150 cash.

    There is a place that says any suspension kit fitted £100. But cant remember who?
    Just remember reading the offer at the bottom of the page and thinking,wow thats good.
    Ill try and have a recap on the above,proberly wont be near u...
  3. czm

    czm Member

    Ok found these guys to do it.


    Had a chat with him and he certinaly seems to know his apples and a nice bloke
    Price is OK (actually dont mind paying if its done well and safely)

    Book in fior next Wednesday so will let you know how I get on.

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