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  1. PhilMill63

    PhilMill63 Member

    Hi all, having had the massive problems on my 2.0t when a coil pack went I thought I would look into whether the S4 had a recall on them, on another forum there are many threads on this. I contacted my local Audi dealer and gave them the info on my car, they replied with "there is no recall on this" So can anybody confirm or deny this?? my car is an 07 S4.

  2. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic S-line owners group

    I believe the recall only relates to the B6 model.
  3. Custardsucker

    Custardsucker Member

    There is a Workshop Enhancement Campaign (28E9) that relates to ignition coil replacement. I think your engine code is BBK and this states that the following coil part #'s

    077 905 115 T
    077 905 115 S
    077 905 115 Q

    can remain in the vehicle. If the numbers are not the ones above they should be replaced with

    077 905 115 T

    My dealer checked the ones in my 2.0T FSi and said they were OK, asked me to sign that they checked them and on the top of the form was:

    MODEL: 2.0 TDi (IDIOTS)!

    I would go back and ask them to check again and quote Enhancement Campaign 28E9.​

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