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Coil Packs in Cape Town!

BiffS3 Feb 19, 2004

  1. BiffS3

    BiffS3 New Member

    Hi Guys

    On Monday night two of my coil packs went on me. I however didnt know this at the time. Not very nice with the dramatic loss of power and the noise etc.

    Anyway, took it to Audi on Tuesday AM and they replaced two of the coils. However, the car doesnt feel the same, power and turbo.

    I had the car chipped a while ago. Now the turbo seems to kick in a lot later than it was doing. Around about 3-3.5K revs instead of more like 2.5k. Maybe the lack of power is my imagination or just because turbo comes in later.

    My question is this. Do I need to have the ECU tweaked (remapped) again as it may have been affected? I drove about 20-30 miles with them gone. Would the Audi guys have done anything to affect the turbo etc?

    Would appreciate comments on anyones experience in this area. Apologies for the long post.

    Many Thanks and Gretings from Cape Town! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

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