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Coil pack wiring

Stuart35205 Jun 28, 2013

  1. Stuart35205

    Stuart35205 Member

    Just a quick thank you for the help I got about replacing the loom really , my car has been in pieces for a week or 2 now after I started and then the wife had to go to hospital but all is well now , this is how my loom looked


    Obviously a pic after removal but I was going to use the full kit supplied by awesome gti for £36 by if I'm honest I didn't have the guts to start pulling pins out of the ecu connector & the loom was perished all the way bk to the gearbox where I spliced in to it and soldered the cable in. I'm mega happy as the the car does start & run but I haven't been out in it yet I hope there is a good improvement in how smooth the engine runs as it ticks over great now. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1372429408.901347.jpg

    Just a couple of pics as I was doing it .

    Cheers Stuart
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