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Coil pack on A4 1.6

mattslater Jun 4, 2010

  1. mattslater

    mattslater New Member

    hi guys, i got some bad shaking going on in the engine, and pulled over. could not see what the problem was, so relied on the old friend, and got the RAC out. they told me the coil pack had gone, and I would have to be carried home. I had a new coil pack fitted the following day (what a job!) and started it up. Same problem only a lot worse., and an air problem now too Could this be the leads the wrong way round? We noted the positions, but were unsure whether the wiring was different on a newer coil pack? Getting RAC out again tonight (if i cant get it sorted) as I called them yesterday, and they sent recovery again. I was parked on my driveway! Any ideas guys?

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