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Coil over problem?

supanova Mar 27, 2012

  1. supanova

    supanova A3 2.0 TDI SE

    hey guys so recently i installed the FK coil overs to my audi a3. my brother slammed it as low as it would go. yesterday I had to install a new top mount and cv boot so i decided to raise it up a bit. The front came up no problem but the back stayed the same even though it had been adjusted higher and you can actually see that it had been adjusted higher when looking in through the rim. any suggestions to what it could be? tried googling it but couldnt find anything on it. I was thinkin maybe to coils are in upside down as it was my brother that installed them so anything is possible. :/ lol

    Plus i had a sort of rumbly noise from the back after install to which it sounds more clearer/louder after adjusting the coil.

    cheers in advance. :)

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