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Coil conversion for a S2

Rev-head May 16, 2007

  1. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Well recieved the coils eventually today ....took a bit longer to get here thanks customs!!...........Anyway fitted them today

    Stuck them on the S2 was going to be the S4 but was one coil playing up so used one of the S2 to fix.....The difference is really good!!........the car is picking up faster and much stronger engine noise

    A few pics and little story of fitting........ 20 minutes job done

    Well it is straight forward you get the harness for the coils 5 colipacks and vented cover

    Took off orignal coil cover


    Took off boost pipe to get in to earth for the coils(three bolts at the back )


    Disconnected leads that go on POS


    The other 2 leads that come off sit on rail, so slide out make job easier of getting them off


    The harness is complete plug and play...so just plug into feeds for POS


    The ends for the rail slide in as well so making it very neat


    Coils plug straight on top just like 1.8t engine


    Pop them all in connect the earth leads


    Then the cover and you are done


    Start engine .look over all wiring to make sure no split or arking and test run .........You should notice the difference straight away !!!

    This is the best £200 i have spent on this car

    This process will be exactly the same with the S4 (minus the boost pipe)

    Performance smoother
    Cost for replacement Coil third of the price
    Fault finding much easier now as well
    Easier access to coils and plugs now for servicing

    This product came from here

    Thank you Brendan from Apikol top bloke[

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