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Coding SRS module to car

cmdrew Jun 17, 2013

  1. cmdrew

    cmdrew New Member


    I had an issue with the SRS module in my Audi S4 B6 after the instrument cluster was replaced - Audi have suggested I replace the SRS module which was very expensive. I have managed to get hold of the latest 'J' revision SRS module second hand from a car where the airbags had not deployed but now have to code it to the car.

    I have VCDS Lite but have not as yet registered it as I am not sure if it will be able to code the SRS module anyway - I'm sure that the full version can but what about Lite? If I could be sure that it would worl - or at least that VCDS Lite is capable of coding the module then I would register straight away. My question therefore is does anyone have experience of coding the SRS module to the car and can it be done with VCDS Lite. If so can I get some assistance with details as to how this is done?

    Thanks for any help guys...

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