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Coding questions on MY04 A3

-adrian- Apr 23, 2012

  1. -adrian-

    -adrian- .fuct

    Hi there,
    since I managed to finde someone on the user map for vag-com I would like to see the options that can be done on my car.
    what a definitely want is :

    HeadLights always on
    Indicators glowing on 15% if not indication(sidemark)
    Car Lock on 15mph
    ChirpChirp on open and close

    where would i find the settings for those 4 - if they can be coded.

    why isnt there a sticky with all the options :O
  2. -adrian-

    -adrian- .fuct

    Hi there, well i found some of the stuff already. Still got some things to code. Maybe someone would have a clue
    Daylights on 50%
    Foglights on as daylights
    Interiour lights always on
    Rear wiper disable on reverse and front wipers on
    Change siren sound on open and close

    Would also like to see some of pictures of the change you could to in the rear headlights to compare them.
    and is it legal to have the fog lights turned into daylights?
  3. mathu

    mathu Member


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