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Coarseness in throttle pedal

the_laughing_mole Jul 9, 2008

  1. the_laughing_mole

    the_laughing_mole The Laughing Mole

    I've got a 2004 Allroad 2.5TDI tip with 59k on it - great car but I've had an irritating problem for the last 12 months that is spoiling the experience and that Audi have been unable to sort under the used warranty. Wonder if any of you guys can help?

    I can feel a coarse vibration/tingling through the throttle pedal, particularly at 1500rpm but then up to about 2500rpm. I've had a 2.5tdi sport A6 before and it was much smoother than this. Local Audi dealer (Southampton) have checked engine, suspension, transmission and exhaust (so they say) and can find nothing amiss. They have changed a few parts such as engine mounts but no difference. I'm wondering if it is exhaust resonance or transmission.

    My wife's 4 cylinder X-trail 2.2 diesel is smoother than my Audi V6 diesel..... Anyone else had this problem??? Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help
  2. DGSdale

    DGSdale Member

    Remember something similar to this on the Forum a while back. Is your car a quattro & if so have they checked the centre bearing of the propshaft?
  3. karl7900

    karl7900 Active Member

    If it's an Allroad then it's definitley a Quattro

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