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clutch work maintenance etc.

dann959 Oct 11, 2005

  1. dann959

    dann959 Member

    had a new clutch put on about 23k ago. After a 200+ mile trip home from college last week, my clutch started feeling real fluttery when depressing and releasing. It also started to grab higher and when the car was in gear and i let off the gas there was more audible vibration, i could also feel alot more vibration then normal when just putting the tip of my foot on the pedal. Let the car cool down for a few hours, the noise went away, but 3 days later the clutch still feels fluttery and weak.

    Is there any work i should have done for this miliage. Should i have the hydrolic system bled etc? What would that do? Is there any lubing of the pedal that can be done etc?

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