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Clutch was slipping but now its fine!

AudiS3Quattro Apr 29, 2011

  1. AudiS3Quattro

    AudiS3Quattro Member

    I Spent monday drag racing my s3, i did about 7 runs, and on the way home, my clutch seemed to be slipping, as when i accelerated in 6th at around 3000k the revs just increased and the speed of the car didn't, so i backed off and just took it easy all the way home, this did happened a few times on boost. when i got home for the next few days the car sat on the drive and i took the car out to see how bad it actually was, and it didn't seem to do it any more? whats up? is my clutch on its way out or what, i am confused!

    BENJAMIN Active Member

    Clutch is more than likely on its way out mate. Symptoms will be more apparant when the clutch is hot (after drag racing launches lol) and when its a bit glazed up (after drag racing launches.......) Take it easy and itll probably last for a while, abuse it and it will get progressively worse untill the point its slipping in every gear and lighter engine load.
  3. AudiS3Quattro

    AudiS3Quattro Member

    Ah right a see, thanks for that!! al see how it goes!!
  4. SteveBAM

    SteveBAM Black '03 S3

    well i had a similar problem last year, when i use to do aggressive gear changes around 5500rpm the clutch would slip, that was in Feb 2010 and up till now i still have not changed my clutch, i do a couple of launches now and then but it still seems to be holding up fine.. ;)
  5. Lee172

    Lee172 GT3071

    I had some problems with my clutch last year, but wierdly only when it was cold. Seems to be fine now .

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