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Clutch Switch

rossbrownlee Nov 6, 2009

  1. rossbrownlee

    rossbrownlee Ross_S4

    Hi all,
    very new to VCDS so please bear with me...
    Is there a block I can watch while letting clutch pedal in and out to check that the clutch switch is operating as it should?

    I am about to retrofit CC and I know the last owner changed the clutch pedal ( I have read that the clutch switch may not always work if it has been damaged etc )

  2. jm-baker

    jm-baker Member

    Under the Engine ECU, Block 66.

    The last four bits in field 2 should work like this;----1xxx - Cruise control system active
    ----x1xx - Clutch depressed (always 1 in automatic transmission)
    ----xx1x - Brake depressed (brake pedal switch)
    ----xxx1 - Brake depressed (brake light switch)
  3. rossbrownlee

    rossbrownlee Ross_S4

    Okay tracked down the fault.

    For anyone interested and/or with same issue, I asked a friendly Audi mechanic about the clutch switch and he has whipped it out, stuck a meter across it, found it is working, and has fixed the problem.

    turned out the switch hadn't been adjusted properly when the clutch pedal was replaced. you have to pull the plunger out until it extends with a few clicks, then reinstall then press and release clutch pedal.

    et voila!

    BIG CHEERS to Biggied / Ewan (again...)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2009

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