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Clutch slipping

Quattro Singh Feb 17, 2014

  1. Quattro Singh

    Quattro Singh Member

    Hi guys,

    After a bit of advice, basically my clutch is slipping at 3/4k when in 3rd or 4th and flooring it, the car has a stage one remap from revo, i put in new standard clutch about 9months ago and looks like its not upto the job, i thought it would be, what are you opinions?, also what are my options?? i think i was told i could have a stage 1 revo map which delivers the power later on in the rev range, do revo offer this?

    if changing the map is a waste of time then what are my options regarding clutches (which ones are worth going for) the cars (s3) only had a stage 1 revo map, i'm not going to increase the cars power anymore, i would like to keep the standard clutch feel, i may track it once a year

    your advice is appreciated


  2. vrbob

    vrbob Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!

    Stage 1 should be fine on a standard clutch especially a new one!

    Mine was stage 1.5 for 18months on the original clutch 115k miles and a few launches and when I replaced it (my gearbox died) it still looks like its got some life left in it and wasn't slipping at all.

    I did upgrade mine as the gearbox was being replaced so seemed silly not to.

    Personally if I had put a new standard one in 9 months ago and its slipping already I would be contacting the clutch manufacturer/place it was fitted as I would guess its still covered by warranty but obv still gonna have labour costs involved swapping it out
  3. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Hi Hardeep

    If you had the clutch replaced 9 months ago, there should be no reason its slipping on a stage 1 map, it should be fine with that, unless you are launching it at every opportunity??

    Where are you based?

    The map should be fine, but if you were to get it changed, it maybe worth getting in touch with the likes of Bill at Badger 5 (Gloucester) or one of the lads at R-Tech (Hinckley).

    What was the reason for getting the clutch changed previously too, was it because it was slipping as well?
  4. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    I was going to say the OP could travel 10k miles a month or he could have a season pass to RWYB up Santa Pod - or even both! lol.

    What make was this clutch as well Hardeep?

    LUK or Sachs you want to stick to really buddy if you want to stay standard/OEM and keep with the same quality of parts.
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  5. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    check out my lightened helix clutch and flywheel for sale. Granted the peddle is heavier but you get used to it, and it doesnt slip ever!!
  6. Quattro Singh

    Quattro Singh Member

    hi guys,

    thanks for the replies...

    vrbob - i think i will be contacting eurocarparts soon then as i totally agree standard clutch should have been more then fine with just a stage 1 remap, it was a LUK 3pc clutch kit (which i was told by many places is the original audi one part no 637441710, part no of just the clutch is 324 0302 10) with a brand new dual mass flywheel (LUK)... what clutch did you go for and how much? what power can it take?

    Nilz - no i dont launch it at every given opportunity mate its my daily drive so i have to take care of it, obviously i give it some every now and again but not a silly amount where after approx 9months after fitting a new clutch should see it slipping. i did speak to revo yesterday about what i was reffering to in my first post about having different settings for how aggressive the power delivery of the stage 1 is, the revo guy said theres either standard of linear and that theres different settings ranging from 1 - 10 depending on what i might have asked for regarding aggressiveness pretty sure mine was set to 7 but he agreed stage 1 on a standard new clutch shouldnt be an issue, so not sure i will go down this route i.e changing the setting of the map...... in terms of the companys you've named i'm confident in the garage i used as its been fine (the clutch)for 9months no juddering etc unless your referring to them giving me advice on clutch options? oh and i'm near heathrow pal, oh the reason i changed the clutch originally was because it was slipping car had done almost approx 48k and one track day which consisted of around 2hrs of track time only did about 10/15 laps of brands hatch, then i had it remapped which didn't seem abnormal, my cars now done just over 52k

    kwistof - it was a LUK 3pc clutch kit (which i was told by many places is the original audi one part no 637441710, part no of just the clutch is 324 0302 10) with a brand new dual mass flywheel (LUK) since the new clutch i've only used it going to work and socially, work is only 4.5miles away

    so what are my options guys?

    looks like i'll have to replace the damn clutch again but replace it with what? like i said i would like it to drive like standard so no paddle clutches and nothing that will slip after 9months also from where?

    thanks for the response so far guys keep them coming need to sort this out ASAP, all knowledge appreciated.


  7. Marshall878

    Marshall878 Member

    Ive just bought a car with a slipping clutch. 24,000 miles covered in 18months, REVO map.

    Not impressed :(
  8. Gazwould

    Gazwould Well-Known Member

    Looks like the REVO map has too much torque and or has a nasty torque spike

    Get the right reduced torque file re map and it will see a slightly slipping clutch with the torque spike stock map, disappear.

    Yes, a cure for clutch slip, a reduced torque, super smooth map.

  9. Marshall878

    Marshall878 Member

    Thats the plan! Dont really want to be buying a new clutch just yet!
  10. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    OE clutch will handle normal stg1/2 torque but as said the initial onslaught of torque can tax things... Revo is quite aggressive, alternative mapping methods in custom maps can tailor torque delivery to suit personal preferences and rods (or the lack of them)...

    Banging the boost in too quickly also has the detrimental affect of generating too much heat too soon... this makes the hardware hot enough that consistency between runs on the dyno drops... Bill has been using different techniques to mitigate against this and the result is repeatable power figures without turning the turbo into a heat pump...

    Clutch choice and clutch wear is hugely subjective....

  11. Vex182

    Vex182 Guess what I drive...

    I'm on the original clutch at 111,500 miles and it's been mapped since 90k without any slip at all. I think it's some down go driving and some down to the mapping for sure. I am careful on my clutch, as in I never hold it on it and slip it as little as possible.
  12. Frankus

    Frankus Old but built for speed!

    Hi there
    Hi there
    Did you ever get the clutch replaced if so who done it and what clutch as I am in Heathrow so that might be good to know?..
  13. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall Member

    Possibly slave cylinder leaking onto the disc? My original clutch went to 170,000 I replaced it with a Sachs clutch and single flywheel been great ever since.

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