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Clutch slipping!!!! help????

J9NY X Sep 15, 2009

  1. J9NY X

    J9NY X New Member

    hi anyone know who could do a decent job? also roughley how deep are my pockets going to have to be lol how much do you think it would be roughley and does the fly wheel have to be changed to or not?

    its a 2004 a4 avant 1.9 tdi 130 quattro b6 114k on it????
  2. Nutkin

    Nutkin Member

    mine was 250 for the fitting and i bought my clutch and fly kit from awesome gti for 315.

    standard flywheel is about 400 quid from audi!

    this was on a 1/2 pd 110tdi leon.
  3. BILKO1

    BILKO1 Member

    Book time to change your clutch is 5.1 hours you won't know if the flywheel is worn until you take the gearbox out but tbh if it was mine i would change it anyway. Phone around for prices mate, try to get a LUK or better clutch kit as thats what is fitted at the factory. I think Sachs do an uprated version which would be a good choice if you have r plan to have a remap.
  4. Seifer780

    Seifer780 Member

    I got the clutch replaced and god damn it was expensive. $400 for the clutch, pressure plate and $700 for the bloody flywheel! It must be made out of titanium which it is not cause it wore out. lol

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