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clutch slip?

mikerd4 Mar 3, 2007

  1. mikerd4

    mikerd4 Member

    Had my map turned back on there a few weeks back as the previoous owner had it switched off. Whilst I am very happy with there appears to be a sreechy noise only under acceleration normally when at 60-70 and accelerating to overtake.
    Im guessing its the clutch slipping as it doesnt do it without the map.

    Has anyone experienced this before??

    Its an S3 by the way
  2. MattS5

    MattS5 Active Member

    Are you sure its not the turbo whilstling due to it working harder ?

    If the clutch was slipping, you see (and hear) the revs rising, but you'd not be accelerating as quickly as you should ?

    Best way to tell is to pick 4th gear at 40mph and then press the accelerator to the floor. Because the load is greater, you'll find the revs may rise, but the speedo doesn't, in which case it is a slipping clutch.
  3. mikerd4

    mikerd4 Member

    ill check it out later cheers

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