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clutch problems

redkite66 Oct 17, 2009

  1. redkite66

    redkite66 New Member

    I recently bought '07 plate A6 2.0tdi manual with just 17k on clock. Lovely car, BUT I am experiencing juddering clutch when pulling away in first when car is cold. Once engine has warmed the problem pretty much disappears ... In addition the gear shift itself feels very notchy and clunky.

    Can anyone advise if these two issues are connected? Is clutch judder sign of clutch on way out? Is this usual after only 17k?

    Finally, if I assume a new clutch kit will solve the judder, can I also assume that it will improve the (lack of) smoothness of gear changes?

    Any advice appreciated before I approach dealer I bought car from a fortnight ago ...

    - RK
  2. m0cea

    m0cea New Member

    The judder could be an issue with the dual-mass flywheel.
    If you have a warranty take it straight back as they are often time limited.

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