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clutch problems

merdock Aug 8, 2006

  1. merdock

    merdock New Member

    Clutch pedal got caught under the edge of the carpet the other night and only lifted half way it smelt rather bad,it now smells every day on gentle driving but is not slipping is it s........d how long before it fails compleatly.
    Thanks Merdock
  2. kachnak

    kachnak Active Member

    my clutch pedal was OK, but after two 1/4 mile races I feel something different. I started like 7000rpm and fast free clutch.
    After this races I found that 3-4 centimeters from top clutch pedal possition there is wery low clutch.
    In 5 centimeters to lowest pedal possition is everything OK.
    Anybody know where can be problem, that in top pedal possition there is some "clutch space".
    Thank you
  3. martin g

    martin g [censored]

    Im no mechanic but, the way i was always told to test a clutch was to get onto a main road, build up some speed, say 60 plus, into 5th or even 6th. Then dump the accelerator, if the revs climb and you dont shoot off, the clutch is slipping. Worked or me with my leon and proved the clutch was worn out. I have heard another way which involves trying to pull away with the handbrake on but never tried that one.

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