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Clutch pedal on the floor.

mattoo Jun 26, 2012

  1. mattoo

    mattoo New Member

    No not the J Jo one. Cough..

    So yesterday put foot on clutch just before turning ignition key and snap! Broken plastic bits and no clutch..
    Today after pulling it all to bits I found that the pedal housing had failed. A new pedal was picked up from Audi for only £22.

    Given all the other nightmare scenarios I read about last nite I'm thinking I might be lucky here.

    Now the thing is I also spotted that the master cylinder push rod is now slightly bent near the ball joint. I'm pretty sure this a result of the push rod poking out the back of the the housing as the pedal hits the floor..
    What I want to know should I try to straighten the push rod or leave it alone??
  2. Benjiman46

    Benjiman46 R-Tech Terrorist

    If it aint broke mate, don't fix it lol

    So basically if it works, leave it alone :)

  3. mattoo

    mattoo New Member

    Yay so that's the new pedal fitted and I'm nearly happy. Cable ties around the compressed spring is a top tip, so thanks to who ever it was that came up with the idea..

    The thing is I've now found that while the new pedal sits in the right place, you know just about level with the brake pedal.. Well it keeps popping up higher.
    Is it the lugs on the white nylon bit that are knackered and that is all that holds the pedal position or an adjustment of the clutch switch?
    I did fit a new switch stop but not the white clip..

    Hopefully this makes sense to someone..?
  4. dancupra225

    dancupra225 Active Member

    need to put some weld on where the plastic bit is common problem on these pedals

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