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Clutch master cylinder or flywheel

Ian W Jul 19, 2008

  1. Ian W

    Ian W Active Member

    Got a problem with my clutch, after a few minutes of driving the pedal sinks to the floor and won't come back up, clutch bite ends up near the floor (although the clutch is fine, no slipping etc).

    I've been told this is either the master cylinder of flywheel? I've got a receipt showing that the slave cylinder was done in the last 15k so im assuming thats still ok.

    Is there any way to tell which is going other than replacing the master cylinder and hoping for the best?

    Dont fancy spending big £££ at the minute :sob:
  2. h100vw

    h100vw Member

    Is the fluid level in the reservoir normal. Could be fluid leaking past seals in the master cylinder. I would be doing the master cylinder before having the gearbox off.
  3. Jacko4130

    Jacko4130 Goodie Gum Drops

    Either master or slave, As you slave has been changed it looks like being master. £50 will get you a master cylinder and a good few hours to fit it!!!

    Its not unheard of slaves failing even after being replaced though!
  4. Ian W

    Ian W Active Member

    Cars going in tomorrow and i'll find out whats wrong then.

    Currently in work waiting for a lift home as I have no clutch pedal :gaehn:

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