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Clutch Master cylinder issues.....

nlw73 Jun 1, 2005

  1. nlw73

    nlw73 Member

    visited the stealer today to get a fee things checked out....thanks to the board I am a bit wiser as to what the faults could be!!

    - Crunchy gears from 2nd to 3rd (synchros worn)
    - Squeaking from front suspension over bumps (anti roll bar bushes)

    anyways went out with the master technician but could I get the things to happen!! yeah right!!

    anyways they were cool and said they would look at it as sounds familiar issues....

    However the technician did notice a lot of travel in my clutch which suggests the master cylinder needs replacing (yeah the car is under warranty) so is this true?

    he said I am not getting full engagment of the clucth plate which could make the crunching of the gears...

    anyways looks like it is all getting done under warranty so was well worth spending the extra 450 pounds when I bought the car to extend the warranty!!

    I might get them to change the clutch as well when it is all apart (small price to pay when apart I guess)

    any comments welcome on the Clutch master cylinder.


    PS the dealer is Audi WImbledon and a nice bunch of chaps.
  2. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    would this give the same effect as a lazy clutch engagement, sometimes i get a crunch when trying to change gears faster than normal, as tho the clutch is slow reaction to when i press down clutch, if u know what i mean, mainly form 1st to 2nd
  3. nlw73

    nlw73 Member

    yeah it sounds like the same thing.
    the technicican said it will crunch going up and down the box if you have a faulty clutch mechanism.
    eventually leads to long term gearbox damage.

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