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clutch judder all of a sudden in first and reverse and dropping into first or second!

gazza711 Jan 12, 2014

  1. gazza711

    gazza711 New Member

    I cleared dtc's and sprayed silicon spray on actuator and on vane lever last week.lack of power caused me to investigate.

    As soon as job done,went for a test drive and pulling off in first,the car just shudders like a washing machine.does this in reverse as well and wobbles when dropping down to second in general.

    I couldn't see what I was doing behind turbo so silicon spray could've got anywhere.too much of stop starting causes burning smell of some sort.
    power steering stiff when car left for a day then sorts out after a couple of turns.

    some say torque converter
    some say aux belt/alternator clutch
    some say slave cylinder in 6 speed leaking on plate-clutch had always engaged on its own/dragging.

    why only when I cleared codes(which they were old ones)did this happen.

    asv or egr maybe.its horrendous to say the least.

    money-money-money-audis aint funny-theyre a mugs car-lol jokes
  2. gazza711

    gazza711 New Member

    oh and I got hit from the side two days previous?
  3. c_w

    c_w Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it's eletrical rather than mechanical. It might just feel like clutch judder but it sounds like an issue with engine loading off idle as you set off. Similar thing happened to my car when the boost pipe popped off; idle was normal and steady, but try and set off and it was like kangaroo city. So it sounds like a sensor fault or something with the stuff you have been spraying about.

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