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Clutch Issues

splitscreensi May 9, 2013

  1. splitscreensi

    splitscreensi New Member

    Hey There Ive got a 2.0 tdi 6 speed which I am having issues with, I am having difficulty getting into first and reverse gear and sometimes it drags and will set off even when the clutch is pushed all the way down????
    Also when you drive the car when you accelerate you can feel the clutch lift (Cm,s) and when you let off it goes back down??
    Anyone know what the issue is, Can anybody help me?
    Ps its just had because of this issue a genuine slave and master cylinder and sachs dmf and clutch kit but none of these have made any difference and its been bled bled and bled again, power bled reverse bled etc etc. :sos:

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