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clutch help

brm180 May 17, 2012

  1. brm180

    brm180 Member


    Quick question,

    On my clutch pedal the bit that holds in the plastic clip broke. I took it to the garage who removed my clutch pedal from the car , re welded the broken piece back into place as it was only 2 spot welds that originally held it then re-fitted the pedal... Problem now is that the clutch bite feels very low to the floor compared to normal. When you depress the pedal to change gear you can feel it being a little knotchy engaging gear. They removed and refitted the spring behind the pedal also at the same time as it came out with the pedal. There is no slippage in the clutch as you can accelerate in any gear and it pulls no probs. It’s just the biting point and engaging gear that the problem lies.
    Any advice...


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