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clutch gone, help?

spleenboy Oct 29, 2006

  1. spleenboy

    spleenboy New Member


    Whilst changing gear last night I heard a noise and the clutch pedal fell to the floor. Do A3 Quattors have a cable or another hydraulic system?

    any idea how much to fix?

  2. darko

    darko Member

    could be the pedal - theres a piece of metal that snaps and stops the pedal working, search my posts - i covered how to fix it if my memory serves me right
  3. It's a common problem. The clutch pedal design is a POS. Part of the clutch pedal breaks off, and the shaft that goes to the master cylinder pushes through. You will probably find a few bits of broken plastic in your foowell.

    You need 3 parts to repair it. A complete clutch pedal and two plastic clips.
    P/Ns 1J2 721 319 C, 1J2 721 332 A and 1H0 721 357.

    The A3 uses a hydraulic system.

    Here is Darko's thread.

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