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Clutch going? Anybody replaced one?

46TheDoctor Feb 15, 2007

  1. 46TheDoctor

    46TheDoctor Valentino Rossi A.K.A The Doctor

    Hi guys i think i have a problem with my clutch on my 2004 1.9 TDI 130 sport which has covered 69k, the clutch actually functions ok but what i get when i change gear is a very rough feeling through the pedal, i dont use clutch as a footrest generally cos i know it is harmful to clutch parts ect, but i have noticed if you ever so slightly rest your foot on clutch (not depressing at all just merely touching the pedal) a really rough vibration/warbling can be felt. At standstill in neutral it can still be felt but marginally less, once clutch is depressed fully i cant feel nothing. Has any body any experience of this and sorted it, also has anyone replaced a clutch? Do you need to change flywheel/ringear aswel and what did it cost?
    Cheers Dave:thumbsup:
  2. Macduff

    Macduff Member

    Could be a problem with the dual mass flywheel
  3. batwad

    batwad Member

    The pulsating you can feel when lightly resting your foot on the clutch is the hydraulic pump at work and is perfectly normal.

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