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Clutch Dilemmas

RAPS3 May 12, 2003

  1. RAPS3

    RAPS3 Well-Known Member

    Oh what a bloody dilemma.

    I've been getting some slight vibration / judder through the clutch pedal for quite a few weeks now. When I release the clutch when pulling away or changing gear you can feel it on your foot "tapping" at the pedal. You cant feel it through the car, only the pedal. Its one of those things that really start to get on your nerves after a couple of minutes driving through traffic, changing gear all of the time.

    Anyway the dilemma.
    I was thinking about getting QST to put in an MTM clutch, cheaper than the AUdi one and uprated. Then I got to thinking. Why do I want an uprated clutch? Its not as though I'm going to be doing loads of standing starts etc
    Also these clutches tend to be quite aggressive. Plus I'd rather have the clutch fail as the weakest link rather than have the box go pop.

    So I've ruled the MTM clutch out.

    So I'm left with the standard Audi route.

    I can get the clutch from Audi at trade prices (about £230+vat IIRC).
    As I have said on here before, I have a friend who's a Master tech for VW. He said he will fit the clutch for me no problem.
    Great I thought. Straight forward get him to fit the standard clutch.
    Well thats what I thought until he threw a spanner in the works.
    He test drove my car and said that it may not only be the clutch and he'd changed the flywheel a few times on VW's 4 motion system. He'd also heard of Audi having to do the same. These flywheels arn't cheap, but are covered under warrenty. Thank **** I extended it.

    So I think I'm left with the only solution to book it in to the dealer. If it needs a new clutch then that'll be about £950 and at least if it needs a new flywheel then its covered under warrenty.
  2. Crafty

    Crafty Member

    Get your mate to do the clutch, if its still a problem take it to a dealer for a flywheel on warranty. Cheaper all round.
  3. RAPS3

    RAPS3 Well-Known Member

    Best case scenario for me would be for them to pull the box off and the clutch to be absoultely fine and the flywheel to be buggered.
    But what do you think are the chances of that happening?


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