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Clutch, Defcon stage 2 and ARBs fitted

Meza Nov 23, 2007

  1. Meza

    Meza Member

    Finally I've had my majorly slipping clutch replaced for a Sachs paddle. At the same time I went for R32 ARBs and stage 2 Defcon suspension bushes. Plus had the front suspension top-mounts replaced as these were clonking big time.

    The car's been transformed! Now I can use the remap and drive it without the clutching spinning above 3k. The handling is solid and the steering feel is far more precise. All in all a happy Audi camper

    I had the work done at APS in Brackley, very good customer service from them. I've heard of the Defcon bushes on TTs, but not of anyone with them on an S3 yet - anyone here?
  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    Glad you are happy with your setup.

    I'll be fitting the defcon kit to my A3 soon. Go figure :)
  3. evotista

    evotista Member


    How are you going to fit the defcon kit to your A3?...are you going to put on a set of S3/TT wishbones...or do the A3 wishbones have similar OD for the bushes as the S3 wishbones?...i'm intrigued...tell us more if you would.

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