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Clutch and Radio Problems

Moose Jan 25, 2008

  1. Moose

    Moose New Member

    Hi everyone, proud owner of a 100% stock (for now) '01 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro 5 speed w/ 145k miles, its 90% of the car I've been trying to get (100% would be if it was Black on Black). The problems I've been having are with the clutch and radio. Done lots of research on about 6 Audi forums regarding everything about everything, and still trying to understand these two problems.

    Sorry if this is gonna be long, but detail is always demanded, and I'm providing all that I can think of.

    With the clutch, about 20% of the time it is difficult to get the clutch to engage into 1st gear. It either feels like it needs to be pushed a bit harder than usual, or in the less common case, requires me to release the clutch pedal and press again to see if it will let me go into it. For the 2nd gear, the above symptoms mentioned are the same, but the later occurs even less often. The rest of the gears are fine. Also, depending on how hard it is to engage to the next gear, my car jerks hard (If easy, almost no jerking. If hard, car jerks harder. This is regardless of if I let go of the clutch pedal slow or fast). Anyone know what it could possibly be?

    The second is more of a nuisance than a problem. Whenever I turn on my radio, regardless of how I have my treble or bass set up, or my audio settings (the hold 5, turn on radio trick), there is always a buzzing sound that is heard in the background. Sort of sounds like static or when you talk into a fan. I'm guessing that an amp, tweeter, or speaker is damaged slightly. Stock symphony system. This sound happens less often when I put in a CD, but it is still there, just not as noticeable. Also, After about 5-8 tracks on a CD, it no longer plays the CD. It "freezes" for lack of better terms. At first I thought it was my "custom" CD's, but when I put in my friends store bought CD's in, same thing happens. These problems with my radio/CD seem to haunt me, because I experienced the same thing in my previous car, '94 Volvo 850 Turbo, with insignia deck (I had pioneer, but it got stolen). Any help would be much appreciated.

    Just to add, my heating doesn't work at all, but I'm having a mechanic fix it for free (which means all cost is transfered to small dealership I bought car from). Max out the heat and fan, but no heat whatsoever, before, during, or after car has warmed up. popped the hood and feel the warm air blowing from it.

    Thank you for reading my ranting on and on...and especially for any help provided. :zen:

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