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Clutch and flywheel problems.... again?

pwilliamson1991 Nov 6, 2013

  1. pwilliamson1991

    pwilliamson1991 Member

    Hey guys about 5 months ago my car began producing a whining noise when the clutch was released on idle. Then it started to get very lumpy and then stick down until one day suddenly car to a stop and wouldn't go in gear. I ended up getting a new dual mass flywheel and clutch in my 1.9 which cost me a hefty sum off money think it was near £700. So anyway recently I have noticed the clutch a little bit lumpy just at a certain spot a little way down and when I release it, it comes out fine then the final 1/4 inch it releases in what I would describe as a jump. I have tried to listen to see if there is a noise like before and i would say there is a very very small change in noise compared to before, minimal. Anyone any ideas? I'm praying its not the same problem surely it couldn't be so soon? Appreciate anyone's mechanical input.

    Thanks Paul

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