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Clunky gear change when cold

Jenkobenko Feb 5, 2012

  1. Jenkobenko

    Jenkobenko Member

    Hi guys/girls

    i have had my A4 2Ltr TDI for just over a month and noticed the gear change is clunky when the car is cold but after being run for a while it smoothes out.

    Is this normal?
  2. Jetset

    Jetset Member

    I think so, had our A4 since Xmas and found the same, 1st gear most noticeable. Had it back to Dealership and they contacted Audi UK who said it was normal for that gearbox until oil warmed up. There are alot of posts on here regarding clunky gearboxes so I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. Jenkobenko

    Jenkobenko Member

    Ok cool thanks pal
  4. nick78

    nick78 Member

    I've had the same issue with mine so after 6 weeks of wondering wether to take it to the dealers i decided to book it in, i told them to keep it over night and try it the next morning when it would be cold, after they tested and checked it they decided to replace the clutch and flywheel under warrenty which i swas surprised at seen as the car only has 25k on the clock. Anyway whilst my car was in they lent me a brand new A5 178 miles on the clock and the 1st gear from cold was just the same as mine, when i did get mine back yesterday it doesnt seem to be any better even after teh new clutch and flywheel, only plus point is i dint have to pay the £1275 it would have cost out of warrenty.

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