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Clunking sound in my new S5 Sportback

Johnno Mar 6, 2011

  1. Johnno

    Johnno New Member

    I picked up a new S5 Sportback last Monday and I have a clunking noise coming from the rear. It happens at slow speeds over small bumps and is quite loud and VERY annoying. I removed the spare wheel, parcel shelves, jack & tool box. I also tried putting some padding under the spare wheel cover. None of this helped. So I took the car back yesterday and they put it on the hoist for a quick look but couldn't find anything obvious. They said they need the car back for a whole day to look for the source of the noise. I suspect it is suspension related. I have booked it in for 2 weeks time - the soonest they could look at it. In the mean time it has spoilt an otherwise perfect experience with my new Audi that I have waited a lifetime to get. I cant believe that this wasn't picked up before delivery. As soon as I drove the Audi technician 30 metres up the road he heard it. Doesnt seem like pre-delivery checks are done very well.

    has anyone else experienced this and do you have any suggestions?
  2. warnergb7

    warnergb7 New Member

    sorry to here that. I am picking up my S5 Sportback Friday and I can imagine this would be highly annoying when you wait so long to get these things. Let me know what it turns out to be - hope they get it fixed
  3. Adiett

    Adiett New Member

    Johnno, I had the same when I picked mine up, it's the rear shock absorber covers. They are rubber mounted into a cup and mine were out and basically free to crash into the stops. If you jack the rear of the car up (no need to remove the wheels) and look up into the wheel arch you'll see the cup. If you use a spot of WD40 on the rubber at the top of the cover and push this back into the cup, this should solve your problem. Adie.

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