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Cluctch Switch Part Number?

northernlight Oct 26, 2011

  1. northernlight

    northernlight Member

    Had my new 2.0tfsi quattro for a week now and loving it, but i think my clutch switch has gone.

    Car has only done 22k miles, but the cruise control doesn't work and when accellerating, when i depress the clutch to change gear, the revs increase slightly before slowly falling back. Anyone else had this?

    Called the Audi stealer and they wanted to run full 'diagnostics' before committing to a price to do it...but from looking at other forum posts, it seems more than a fair chance its the lutch switch.

    Was thinknig of doing it myself, s it seems quite straight forward, but i can't seem to find a part number for it, anyone got an idea where i can find out? Got the number of 7H0927189, but that was from a US forum and not sure if they are different over there....
  2. Stringster

    Stringster Missed gear

    Noticed the same with mine - revs increase when the clutch is depressed.
    No issues with cruise etc and have had full diagnostics for another issue, so thought it is just a characteristic of the engine?
  3. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Site Sponsor Regional Rep VCDS Map User

    Part Number you need is: 8E0 927 189 B. Around £14 inc VAT.

    Most of the time if the Cruise Control isn't working, its down to a faulty clutch switch.
  4. solaris

    solaris Member

    Hi the part number has been superseded with 7H0927189
  5. northernlight

    northernlight Member

    Thanks guys, i have ordered one...fingers crossed i can fit it ok!

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