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Clonking Sound!!

Platinum70 May 1, 2005

  1. Platinum70

    Platinum70 Member

    Obviously this is one for the dealer to sort out under warranty but I wondered if anyone has experienced this.

    The other half has an 03 A4 Cab which has only done 16,000 miles. I drove it the today and heard a very strange clonking sound when going over slight bumps. It seemed to be more apparent at 40mph plus.

    I asked her about it and was told it had been doing it for a while (thanks for telling me!). It also does it when manouvering to park. Surely not a driveshaft on a 16,000 mile car?

    I noticed on my A4 recently a few noises when parking but thought nothing of it and I am now wondering whats going on.

    Has anyone experienced this?


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